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The baggage and horses are taken across the Clearwater River at present Kamiah, Idaho. The men begin to erect shelters and set up camp in an old Nez Perce settlement. They learn how the Nez Perce castrate horses.

From the journals...

the river is 150 yds. wide at this place and extreemly rapid. tho' it may be safely navigated at this season, as the water covers all the rocks which lie in it's bed to a considerable debth.

Meriwether Lewis

Clearwater River above the traditional crossing at Kamiah

Clearwater River above Kamiah

the mail bear was large and fat the female was of moderate size and reather meagre.

Meriwether Lewis

Shannon Came in.... his mockersons worn out obliged to come in early

William Clark

Grizzly bears, Ursus arctos horribilis

Two grizzly bears eating grass

Photo by the US Fish and Wildlife Service.