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The Nez Perce chiefs present to their people the agreements made at yesterday's council and popular consent is given. The day is spent at Lawyer Creek trading, exchanging gifts, and providing medical care to the Nez Perce.

after this council was over the principal Cheif or the broken Arm, took the flour of the roots of cows and thickened the soope in the kettles and baskets of all his people
he concluded by inviting all such men as had resolved to abide by the decrees of the council to come and eat and requested such as would not be so bound to shew themselves by not partaking of the feast. I was told by one of our men who was present, that there was not a dissenting voice on this great national question, but all swallowed their objections if any they had, very cheerfully with their mush.

Meriwether Lewis

Nez Perce spoons

Large ladle and spoon carved from bighorn sheep horns

Photo courtesy of Nez Perce National Historical Park, NEPE 8848.

shot at a mark with the indians, struck the mark with 2 balls. distn. 220 yds.

Meriwether Lewis

the Indians formed two partis and plaied for their beeds.

William Clark

the game at which they played was that of hiding a stick in their hands which they frequently changed acompanying their opperations with a song.
this game seems common to all the nations in this country, and dose not differ from that before discribed of the Shoshonees on the S. E. branch of Lewis's river.

Meriwether Lewis

Indian stick game

Indians in modern dress playing a stick game

Historical Photo courtesy of Yakima Valley Regional Library.

The band of Ten-nach-e-moo-toolt have six guns which they acquired from the Minnetaries and appear anxious to obtain arms and amunition.

Meriwether Lewis

French Charleville musket

Historic re-enactment firing an old French musket

By an unknown photographer who has released it to the public domain.

we now gave the Twisted hair one gun and a hundred balls and 2 lbs. of powder in part for his attention to our horses and promised the other gun and a similar quantity of powder and lead when we received the ballance of our horses.
this gun we had purchased of the indians below for 2 Elkskins.

Meriwether Lewis

English musket circa 1770

Old musket

Photo provided by the Tropenmuseum, part of the Royal Tropical Institute which exclusively provides images that are either made by its own staff, or that are otherwise free of copyright.

we gave the young men who had delivered us the two horses this morning some ribbon, blue wampum and vermillion, one of them gave me a hansome pare of legings and the Broken Arm gave Capt. C. his shirt, in return for which we gave him a linin shirt.

Meriwether Lewis


Wampum breast plate with blue and red beads