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At Lawyer Creek near present Kamiah, Idaho, the Captains share a tent with several Nez Perce who have come for the council being held today. During the council, Sacajawea and Charbonneau translate.

From the journals...

the interpretation being tedious it ocupyed half the day before we had communicated to them what we wished.
we amused ourselves with shewing them the power of magnetism, the spye glass, compass, watch, air-gun and sundry other articles

Meriwether Lewis

Magnets and compass

William Clark's compass on a chain and two magnets

Photo courtesy of the Missouri Historical Society.

a fair morning.    a number of the natives who were diseased came to our officers to be healed    Capt. Clark applyed meddison and done all possable for them.    one of the Indians gave Capt. Clark a fine horse.

John Ordway

Lawyer Creek canyon

Old, dry creek bed of Lawyer Creek

at 8 A. M. a cheif of great note among these people arrived from his village or lodge on the S. side of Lewis's River. this is a stout fellow of good countenance about 40 years of age and has lost the left eye. his name is Yoom-park'-kar-tim. to this man we gave a medal of the smal kind. those with the likeness of Mr. Jefferson have all been disposed of except one of the largest size which we reserve for some great Cheif on the Yellow rock river.

Meriwether Lewis

Large and small Jefferson peace medals

Large and small Jefferson peace medals