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The Expedition crosses the Clearwater and climbs to the high plains on present Angel ridge. From there, they see the Rocky mountains covered in snow. They drop down to Peck, Idaho naming the creek there Mosquito Creek.

we left the river and asscended the hills to the wright which are here mountains high.

Meriwether Lewis

Angel Ridge at Lenore, Idaho

Angel Ridge

the snow is yet so deep on the mountains that we shall not be able to pass them untill the next full moon or about the first of June…
this unwelcom inteligence to men…who are as anxious as we are to return to the fat plains of the Missouri and thence to our native homes.

Meriwether Lewis

Snow on the Lolo Trail

Snow around a white pine on the Lolo Trail

our guide Conducted us through the plain and down a Steep and lengthey hill to a Creek which we Call Musquetoe Creek in consequence of being infested with swarms of those insects on our arrival at it.

Meriwether Lewis

Above Big Canyon Creek

Big Canyon from Angel Ridge

the earth in many parts of these plains is thrown up in little mounds by some animal whose habits are similar to the Sallemander, like that animal it is also invisible;
notwithstanding I have observed the work of this animal throughout the whole course of my long tract from St. Louis to the Pacific ocean I have never obtained a view of this animal.

Meriwether Lewis

Northern pocket gopher, Thomomys talpoides

A Shrub about 6 feet high from the Kooskooskee May 7th 1806

Pursh (Meriwether Lewis)

Serviceberry, Amelanchier alnifolia

Six foot tall Serviceberry bush