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The morning is cold and disagreeable. The Expedition continues on the Indian trail that follows Alpowa Creek down to the Snake River. They travel three miles along the Snake River shore camping opposite Chief Tetoharsky's lodges.

From the journals...

came on a Small branch in a deep revean. followed down it.

John Ordway

they Sayed it was nearer and a better rout to the forks of that river where the twisted hair resided

William Clark

Alpowa Creek

Sage brush, pasture, and trees along Alpowa Creek

Collected our horses and set out early; the morning was cold and disagreeable. we ascended the Lard. hills of the creek and steered N. 60° E. 4 miles through a high level plain to a ravine which forms the source of a small creek

Meriwether Lewis

Plains above the Snake River

Storm cloud over high plains with valley sunlit below

we obtained a few large cakes of half cured bread made of a root which resembles the sweet potatoe, with these we made some soope and took breakfast.

Meriwether Lewis

we bought a little dark couloured root bread which is not good but will Support nature.

John Ordway

Cous, Lomatium cous

Dark thumb-sized root