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The Expedition travels over high, fertile plains with views of the Blue mountains and the Tucannon River. They descend to the Pataha Creek valley where they are met with a party of Nez Perce who will take them to the Snake River.

this creek is about 12 yds. wide pebbly bottom low banks and discharges a considerable body of water....the bottoms of this creek are narrow with some timber principally Cottonwood and willow. the hills are high and abrupt.

Meriwether Lewis

Tucannon River

River valley between steep high hills

the timber increases in quantity the hills continue high.
it rained hailed snowed and blowed with great violence the greater portion of the day.

Meriwether Lewis

Patit Creek

Horses grazing behind Ponderosa pine trees

This morning we set out at 7 A. M. steered N. 25 E 12 ms. to Kimooenem Creek through a high level plain.

Meriwether Lewis

Plains above the Tucannon River

Plains above Tucannon River looking northeast

the land of the plains is much more fertile than below, less sand and covered with taller grass; very little of the aromatic shrubs appear in this part of the plain.

Meriwether Lewis

Prairie grass above Pataha Creek

Prairie grass above Tucannon River

the hills of this creek like those of the Kimooenem are high it's bottoms narrow and possess but little timber, lands of a good quality, a dark rich loam. we continued our rout up this creek, on it's N. side.

Meriwether Lewis

Pataha Creek

Prairie grass, field, and high hill

we continued still up the creek bottoms N. 75. E. 2 m to the place at which the road leaves the creek and ascends the hills to the plain
here we encamped in small grove of cottonwood tree which in some measure broke the violence of the wind.
we came 28 ms. today.

Meriwether Lewis

Above the camp at Sweeney Gulch

Plains and high hills near sunset

the S W. Mountains appear to become lower as they receed to the N E....we are much nearer to them than we were last evening.
they are Covered with timber and at this time Snow.

William Clark

Blue Mountains viewed from above Pataha Creek

High plains and a low range of mountains