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The Expedition follows the Touchet River east through a wide, fertile valley with pine trees. At times, the trail ascends the plains above the valley. Near present Dayton, Washington, they turn up Patit Creek and camp.

more timber than usual on the creek, some pine of the long leafed kind appears on the sides of the creek hills, also about 50 acres of well timbered pine land where we passed the creek at 4 m.

Meriwether Lewis

Ponderosa pine

A large ponderosa pine in a riparian area

there is much appearance of beaver and otter along these creeks.
I tasted of this plant found it agreeable and eat heartily of it without feeling any inconvenience.

Meriwether Lewis

Cow parsnip, Heracleum lanatum

Small, weed-like plant with small white blossoms

Photo ©2007 Walter Sigmund. Permission via the GNU Free Documentation License.

we passed the small creek at 8¾ from the commencement of this course and encamped on the N. side in a little bottom, having traveled 19 miles today.

Meriwether Lewis

Patit Creek camp site

The Patit Creek Camp--a life-size relief sculpture of the campsite of May 2, 1806

this creek is about 4 yds. wide and bears East as far as I could observe it.
I observed considerable quantities of the quâ-mash in the bottoms through which we passed this evening now in blume.
there is much appearance of beaver and otter along these creeks.

Meriwether Lewis

Patit Creek

Small muddy creek flowing though a steep draw