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While the Corps follows the general course of the Touchet River, their Indian guides argue as to which trail to take. A third Indian brings a beaver trap that someone had left behind. They camp near present Waitsburg, Washington.

the timber on the creek becomes more abundant and it's extensive bottoms affords a pleasent looking country. the guide informs us that we shall now find a plenty of wood water and game quite to the Kooskooske.

Meriwether Lewis

Touchet River

Touchet River after a spring flood

we proceeded up the Creek on the N. E. Side through a Country of less sand and Some rich bottoms on the Creek which is partially Supplyed with Small Cotton trees, willow, red willow, choke Cherry, white thorn, birch, elder, rose & honey suckle.

William Clark

Touchet River

Small river with a wide bottom

Saw a timbred country a long distance to the S. E. & Mount of Snow.

John Ordway

Blue Mountains

Grassy hills in front of a low, snowy range

we saw a great number of the Curloss, some Crains, ducks, prarie larks and several speceis of sparrows common to the praries.

Meriwether Lewis

Canada goose on the Touchet River

Muddy creek with a single Canada Goose

some time after we had encamped three young men arrived from the Wallahwollah village bringing with them a steel trap belonging to one of our party which had been neglegently left behind;
this is an act of integrity rarely witnessed among indians.
during our stay with them they several times found the knives of the men which had been carelessly lossed by them and returned them.
I think we can justly affirm to the honor of these people that they are the most hospitable, honest, and sincere people that we have met with in our voyage.—

Meriwether Lewis

Inasha, Yakama man

Distinguished looking Indian man

Photo by Edward S. Curtis circa 1910.