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After a delay looking for lost horses, the men walk 12 miles through sand dunes arriving at a village on present Rock Creek. They sing and dance, and the Captains hope they can finally obtain enough horses to abandon the two canoes.

From the journals...

The Sand through which we walked to day is So light that renders the march verry fatigueing.

William Clark

Sand dunes near The Dalles

Large expanse of sand dunes

Photo by Alfred A. Monner. Gelatin silver print at the Historic Photo Archive.

we Caused the fiddle to be played and Some of the men danced. after them the nativs danced.
Shabono made a bargin…for a horse for Which he gave his Shirt. and two of the leather Sutes of his wife.

William Clark

Rock Creek

Rock creek: a small creek running through barren Columbia river hills

we continued our march along a narrow rocky bottom on the N. side of the river about 12 miles to the Wah-how-pum Village of 12 temperary mat lodges near the Rock rapid.

Meriwether Lewis

John Day area

Historic photograph of rocky shore at John Day

Photo by Albert Henry Barnes. Gelatin glass plate negative #1938.01.356 at the Maryhill Museum of Art.