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The Corps continues by land and by water with two canoes up the Columbia River. The horses resist being tied up and loaded with pack saddles. Charbonneau's pack horse throws his load. They camp near present John Day dam.

after dinner we proceeded on up the river about 4 miles to a village of 7 mat lodges of the last mentioned nation. the people at this place offered to sell us wood and dogs, and we therefore thought it better to remain all night.

Meriwether Lewis

Near John Day, Washington

Columbia River cliffs and green hills

I assended a high hill from which I could plainly See the range of Mountains which runs South from Mt. Hood as far as I could See.
those Indians reside in Small Lodges built of the mats of Grass, flags &c. and Crouded with inhabitents

William Clark

Sunrise on Mt. Hood

Sunrise on turning a sharp, snow clad peak to gold

we had not arrived at the top of a hill over which the road leads opposite the village before Charbono's horse threw his load, and taking fright at the saddle and robe which still adhered, ran at full speed down the hill

Meriwether Lewis

Rocky path near John Day Dam

Rocky path near John Day Dam

Plains of the Columbia. Aprl. 22th 1806.

Pursh (Meriwether Lewis)

Field chickweed, Cerastium arvense

Small flower with white petals

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