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Lewis' party at Celilo Falls has trouble with their horses and the Indians. Clark is unable to obtain more horses. The Nez Perce man loaning two of his horses, says they will do better farther on. The expedition proceeds up the river.

after dinner we proceeded on about four miles to a village of 9 mat lodges of the Enesher a little below the entrance of Clark's river and encamped.

Meriwether Lewis

Miller Island

Large island dividing the river into two channels

a 4 P M loaded up & Set out
purchased Some wood & 3 dogs for which we gave pewter buttons which we had made &c.

William Clark

Columbia River

Large cliffs with green hills behind

we soon made the portage with our canoes and baggage and halted about ½ a mile above the Village where we graized our horses and took dinner on some dogs which we purchased of these people.

Meriwether Lewis

Celilo Falls

Historic photo of Celilo Falls taken from an airplane