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Using their horses and the men's backs, they carry their baggage and small canoes across the Long Narrows of the Columbia River portage. The Indians celebrate the start of the spring salmon run. One of the horses escapes on Willard's watch.

From the journals...

This morning early we had our small canoes drawn out, and employed all hands in transporting our baggage on their back and by means of four pack horses, over the portage. This labour we had accomplished by 3 P.M. and established our camp a little above the present Skil-lute village...

Meriwether Lewis

The Dalles of the Columbia River

Historic photo of large basalt rocks in the Columbia river

Photo by Lily E. White circa 1903-1905. Platinum print at the Portland Art Museum.

there was great joy with the nativs last night in consequence of the arrival of the Salmon;
one of those fish was cought, this was the harbenger of good news to them.

William Clark

Chinook Salmon, Oncorhynchus tshawytscha) Freshwater stage

Chinook salmon with hooked mouth

Photo from page 4 of U.S. Government Printing Office Pamphlet 1996-792-501.

with much difficulty we obtained four other horses from the Indians today, we wer obliged to dispence with two of our kettles in order to acquire those.
we have now only one small kettle to a mess of 8 men

Meriwether Lewis


Small, medium, and large kettle