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At Fort Rock near present The Dalles, Oregon, Lewis adds several plants to the Herbarium. Clark remains in a village on the north shore trading. After nearly giving up, he manages to trade for three horses.

I made a bargin with the Chief for 2 horses, about an hour after he canseled the bargin I then packed up the articles and was about Setting out for the Village above when a man Came and Sold me two horses, and another man Sold me one horse, and Several others informed me that they would trade with me if I would Continue untill their horses could be drove up.

William Clark

Appaloosa horse

Gray appaloosa horse

he had sill been unsuccessfull having not obtained a single horse from the natives

Meriwether Lewis

Maney of the nativs from different villages on the Columbia above offered to trade, but asked Such things as we had not

William Clark

Rock Fort

Rock cliff and Columbia River at Rock Fort

the plain is covered with a rich virdure of grass and herbs from four to nine inches high and exhibits a beautifull seen particularly pleasing after having been so long imprisoned in mountains and those almost impenetrably thick forrests of the seacoast.

Meriwether Lewis

Dallesport, Washington

Green hills at The Dalles

Joseph Feilds brought me today three eggs of the party coloured corvus, they are about the size and shape of those of the pigeon.
they are bluish white much freckled with dark redish brown irregular spots, in short it is reather a mixture of those colours in which the redish brwn predominates, particularly towards the larger end.—

Meriwether Lewis

Black-billed magpie, Pica pica

Bird with a black beak, chest, back, and tail

Photo ©2009 Dick Daniels. Permission via the Creative Commons 3.0 License.

there is a species of hiasinth in these plains the bulb of which the natives eat either boiled baked or dryed in the sun.
this hiasinth is of a pale blue colour and is a very pretty flower.
I preserved a specemine of it.

Meriwether Lewis

Bicolored cluster lily bulb, Brodiaea howellii

Small onion-like bulb

Rocky Camp April 17th 1806.

Pursh (Meriwether Lewis)

Small-flowered fiddleneck, Amsinckia menziesii

Side-view of a fiddleneck shaped plant with yellow flowers

Photo © Curtis Clark. Permission via the Creative Commons 2.5 License.

Rocky Camp April 17th 1806.

Pursh (Meriwether Lewis)

Miner's lettuce, Claytonia perfoliata

Stem of a Miner's lettuce plant

Photo ©2011 Walter Sigmund. Permission via the GNU Free Documentation License.

Rockfort Camp—Aprl: 17th 1806

Pursh (Meriwether Lewis)

Small blue-eyed mary, Collinsia parviflora var grandiflora

Plant with small white and blue petals

Photo ©2011 Walter Sigmund. Permission via the GNU Free Documentation License.

Rockford camp. Aprl: 17th 1806. Lewis—

Pursh (Meriwether Lewis)

Narrow-leaved collomia, Collomia linearis

Plant with tiny blue petals

Photo by Jim Pisarowicz of the U.S. National Park Service.

Rock camp Aprl. 17th 1806.

Pursh (Meriwether Lewis)

Lindley's microseris, Microseris species

small plant with yellow flower that looks much like a dandelion

Rocky Camp. Aprl. 17th 1806.

Pursh (Meriwether Lewis)

Thread-leaved phacelia, Phacelia linearis

Hairy leaves and purple petals

Photo ©2009 Walter Siegmund. Downloaded from Wikimedia and used with permission of the GNU Free Documentation License.

Rocky Camp. Aprl 17th 1806.

Pursh (Meriwether Lewis)

Slender popcorn Flower, Plagiobothrys tenellus

flower with white petals and hairy stems

Photo ©Keir Morse. Permission via the Creative Commons ShareAlike License.

A Species of Clover near Rockford Camp on high hills Aprl. 17th 1806.

Pursh (Meriwether Lewis)

Big-head clover, Trifolium macrocephalum

Lavendar petals and sticky bracts

Photo ©2010 Matt Lavin. Permission via the Creative Commons 2.0 License.