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The Expedition canoes up the river dangerously overloaded due to yesterday's loss of a pirogue. Lewis moves ahead and purchases two canoes, paddles, and 3 dogs as food. They camp near present Dog Mountain on the north shore.

being convinced that the perogues were behind I halted and directed the men to dress the dogs and cook one of them for dinner; a little before we had completed our meal Capt. C. arrived with the perogues and landed opposite to us.

Meriwether Lewis

Columbia River as viewed from Dog Mountain

Historic photo of the Columbia River

By unknown photographer. Albumen silver print at the Oregon Historical Society.

I directed Sergt. ordway to take the two small canoes...and to have them dryed this evening and payed with rozin.

Meriwether Lewis

Capt. Lewis with 2 of the Smallest Canoes of Sergt. Pryor & gibson and Crossed above the Rapids to the Village

William Clark

Wind Mountain

Historic photo of Chinnook canoe, Columbia River, and Wind Mountain

Photo by Edward S. Curtis circa 1910.

the day proved fair the wind cold and Snow laying low on the Mountains near the River.

John Ordway

Mitchell Point

Sunny day, snowy hills on Columbia River

I therefore left Capt. C. with the two Perogues to proceede up the river on the N. side, and with the two canoes and some additional hands passed over the river above the rapids of the Y-eh-huh village in order to purchase one or more canoes.
they appeared very friendly disposed, and I soon obtained two small canoes from them for which I gave two robes and four elkskins.
I also purchased four paddles and three dogs from them with deerskins.

Meriwether Lewis

Columbia River

Historic photo of the Columbia River

Photo by Carleton E. Watkins circa 1883 (cropped). Albumen silver print at the Oregon Historical Society. Some modern items have been digitally obscured.