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The men tow the large pirogue up the Cascades of the Columbia, but lose it to the strong current. Armed with short rifles to deter pilfering from the Indians, they carry the baggage above the portage. Lewis trades for a Mountain sheep skin.

after breakfast all hands were employed in taking our baggage over the portage.
we caused all the men who had short rifles to carry them, in order to be prepared for the natives should they make any attempts to rob or injure them.

Meriwether Lewis

Cascades of the Columbia River

Historic aerial photo of the Columbia River Cascades

the men were Compelled to let go the rope and both the Canoe and rope went with the Stream.
as the evening was rainey and ourselves and party wet we Concluded to delay untill the morning and dry our selves

William Clark

Hamilton island

Columbia River at Hamilton Island on a cloudy day

the mountains are high steep and rocky. the rock is principally black. they are covered with fir of several speceis and the white cedar.

Meriwether Lewis

Table Mountain

Table Mountain with snow

near the river we find the Cottonwood, sweet willow, broad leafed ash, a species of maple, the purple haw, a small speceis of cherry; purple currant, goosberry, red willow, vining and white burry honeysuckle, huckkle burry, sacacommis, two speceis of mountain holley, & common ash.

Meriwether Lewis

Bitter cherry, Prunus emarginata

Cherry branch with Columbia River riparia

Photo ©2007 Walter Sigmund. Permission via the GNU Free Documentation License.

there is an old village situated about halfway on the portage road; the fraim of the houses, which are remarkably large one 160 by 45 feet, remain almost entire.
the covering of the houses appears to have been sunk in a pond back of the village.
this the chief informed us was the residence occasionally of his tribe.
these houses are fraimed in the usual manner but consist of a double set as if oune house had been built within the other.
the floors are on a level with the ground.

Meriwether Lewis

the big horned animal is also an inhabitant of these mountains.
I saw several robes of their skins among the natives.—

Meriwether Lewis

Bighorn sheep, Ovis canadensis

Bighorn sheep with summer hair

Photo ©2007 Richard Giddins. Permission via the Creative Commons 2.0 License.