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After bailing the canoes which had filled with water during yesterday's high winds, the Expedition paddles upstream to camp opposite the portage around the Cascades of the Columbia. A missing pipe tomahawk is taken from the natives.

the most remarkable of these casscades falls about 300 feet perpendicularly over a solid rock into a narrow bottom of the river on the south side.

Meriwether Lewis

Multnomah Falls

Historic photo of Multnomah Falls

Historic photo courtesy of Michael L. Wilson.

John Colter one of our party observed the tomehawk in one of the lodges which had been stolen from us...
on our way to this villiage we passed several beautifull cascades which fell from a great hight over the stupendious rocks...

Meriwether Lewis

Multnomah Falls

Historic photo of Multnomah Falls from the north bank of the Columbia River

Photo by Fred Kiser. Gelatin silver print at Oregon Historical Society.

the evening being far spent and the wind high raining and very cold we thought best not to attempt the rapids this evening, we therefore sought a safe harbour in this narrow channel and encamped on the main shore.

Meriwether Lewis

Some Spots of Snow is now on the tops of these Mountains Near the River.

John Ordway

Table Mountain

small rocky mountain, sunny day, snowy top

we saw some turkey buzzards this morning of the speceis common to the United states which are the first we have seen on this side the rocky mountains.

Meriwether Lewis

Turkey vulture, Cathartes aura

Close-up of large black bird with large red beak

Photo ©2010 Dori. Permission via the Creative Commons 2.0 License.