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The winds prevent the Expedition from leaving their hunting camp near present Sheppard's Dell, Oregon. Lewis discovers that the Salmonberry, the first berry to bloom in spring, is a distinct species.

I took a walk today of three miles down the river, in the course of which I had an opportunity to correct an error which I have heretofore made with rispect to the shrub I have hithertoo called the large leafed thorn.

Meriwether Lewis

Salmonberry, Rubus spectabilis

Salmonberry pink blossom and bud

the loss of Sight I have observed to be more Common among all the nations inhabiting this river
The Wind…threw our Canoes with Such force against the Shore that one of them Split before we Could get it out.

William Clark

Beacon Rock from Dalton Point

Storm passing up the Columbia River

Columbia R. Aprl. 8th 1806

Pursh (Meriwether Lewis)

Candy flower, Claytonia sibirica

Small white flower with two large leaves

Photo ©2008 Walter Siegmund. Downloaded from Wikimedia and used with permission of the GNU Free Documentation License.

Deep purple Gooseberry Columbia R. Aprl. 8th 1806.

Pursh (Meriwether Lewis)

Straggly gooseberry, Ribes divaricatum var. pubiflorum

Plant with small droopy berries

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