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The Expedition paddles a short distance up the Columbia River to hunt in the river bottoms at present Sheppard's Dell, Oregon. From there, they view Mt. Adams and Beacon Rock.

this remarkable rock which stands on the North shore of the river is unconnected with the hills and rises to the hight of seven hundred feet; it has some pine or reather fir timber on it's nothern side, the southern is a precipice of it's whole hight. it rises to a very sharp point and is visible for 20 miles below on the river.

Meriwether Lewis

Beacon Rock

Historic drawing of Beacon Rock

Sketch by Henry Warre, 1845. Castle Rock on the Columbia, below the Cascades.

they [the Shâh-ha-la nation] had lately returned to the rapids I presume to prepare for the fishing season as the Salmon will begin to run shortly.—

Meriwether Lewis

This evening the Musquetors were verry troublesom this evening, it is the first time they have been so this Spring.

William Clark

Beacon Rock

Historic photo of Beacon Rock

Photo by Arthur B. McAlpin and Charles Lamb circa 1889. Some modern items have been digitally obscured.

there is also a very high humped mountain a little to the East of Mount St. Heleans which appears to lie in the same chain with those conic pointed mountains before mentioned.

Meriwether Lewis

Mount Adams

Large snow-capped peak

Photo ©2008 by Werewombat. Permission via the GNU Free Documentation License.

we loaded up and Set out proceeded on verry well about 8 miles and halted at the Camp of our hunters they having killed 3 Elk in a bottom S Side

John Ordway

Sheppard's Dell

Sheppard's Dell viewed from high up the opposite shore