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The expedition is hunting and exploring the Columbia River valley around present Portland, Oregon. Clark finds that the Willamette River is at least 5 fathoms deep. He learns more about the Indians living in the Willamette valley.

Capt Lewis fired his Air gun which astonished them in Such a manner that they were orderly and kept at a proper distance dureing the time they Continued with him

William Clark

Girandoni air rifle

Old rifle with a large, metal stock that holds the air

This photo is provided as a service by the U.S. Army Center of Military History.

my guide brought foward a woman who was badly marked with the Small Pox and made Signs that they all died with the disorder.
This Distructive disorder I judge must have been 28 or 30 years past

William Clark

We went out and killed some deer; and then to bring in the meat of the bear and dry that of the elk; but it rained so hard we could not dry the meat; and therefore brought in the carcase of the bear. On our way, we saw 3 small cubs in a den, but the old bear was not with them.

Patrick Gass

Black bear, Ursus americanus

Small bear cub clinging to the side of a tree

Photo created by the U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.