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The Expedition continues paddling up the Columbia River reaching their intended camp site just above the Washougal River and opposite the Sandy River. They pass many large islands and notice several Indian lodges and burial vaults.

we continued our rout along the N. side of the river passed diamond Island and whitebrant island to the lower point of a handsom prarie opposite to the upper entrance of the Quicksand river; here we encamped having traveled 25 miles today. we determined to remain at our present encampment a day or two for the several purposes of examining quicksand river

Meriwether Lewis

Sandy River delta

Looking across the Columbia River at a low, brushy shore

they [Shâh-ha-la nation] had lately returned to the rapids as the Salmon will begin to run shortly.—

Meriwether Lewis

This evening the Musquetors were verry troublesom this evening, it is the    first time they have been so this Spring.

William Clark

Confluence of Columbia and Washougal rivers

Confluence of Columbia and Washougal Rivers

as we could not learn any name of the natives for this stream we called it Seal river from the great abundance of those animals which we saw about it's entrance.

Meriwether Lewis

Harbor seal, Phoca vitulina

Large gray and black seal posing on a rock

Photo © Marcel Burkhard. Permission via the GNU Free Documentation License.

in the entrance of Seal river I saw a summer duck or wood duck as they are sometimes called.

Meriwether Lewis

Wood duck, Aix sponsa

Duck with a green and black head, blue and black feathers, and a reddish-brown chest

Photo ©2008 BS Thurner Hof via the GNU Free Documentation License.