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With the invite of a local Indian, the Expedition stops to explore Sauvie Island. Continuing up the Columbia River, the Captains find the area very fertile and the best candidate for a settlement they have seen west of the Rocky mountains.

we had a view of mount St. helines and Mount Hood.

Meriwether Lewis

Mount Coffin and Mount St. Helens

Sharp, snow-peak rising above a forest plain

Sketch by Henry Warre, 1845. Mount Coffin and Mount St. Helens.

we had a view of mount St. helines and Mount Hood.

Meriwether Lewis

discovered a high mountain S E. Covered with Snow which we call Mt. Jefferson.

William Clark

Mt. St. Helens

Mt. St. Helens

Photo created by an employee of the U.S. Geological Survey.

I took a walk of a few miles through the prarie and an open grove of oak timber which borders the prarie on the back part.
I saw 4 deer in the course of my walk and much appearance of both Elk and deer.
Joseph feields who was also out a little above me saw several Elk and deer but killed none of them;
they are very shye and the annual furn which is now dry and abundant in the bottoms makes so much nois in passing through it that it is extreemly difficult to get within reach of the game.

Meriwether Lewis

Western bracken fern, Pteridium aquilinum

Dead fern with brown fronds

this valley would be copetent to the mantainance of 40 or 50 thousand souls if properly cultivated and is indeed the only desireable situation for a settlement which I have seen on the West side of the Rocky mountains.

Meriwether Lewis

Present Portland, Oregon

Large city center and metropolitan area

Photo by Jami Dwyer who has released it to the public domain.

considerable of drift wood floating down the River.

John Ordway

Driftwood on the Columbia River

Large pile of driftwood on sandy Columbia River shore

We had a beautiful day throughout, and in the evening encamped on a handsome prairie in sight of a large pond on the north side of the river.

Patrick Gass

Smith Lake

Large coastal lake on a dark and gloomy day

Photo by Jo Ann Townsend on March 30, 2009. Some modern items have been digitally obscured.