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A notice listing the men's names and the intent of the Expedition is hung in the Officer Quarters at Fort Clatsop. A Clatsop canoe is stolen and hidden near the fort. The Captains explain their plan to split into two parties later.

From the journals...

Drewyer was taken last night with a violent pain in his side. Capt. Clark blead him.
These lists of our names we have given to several of the natives and also paisted up a copy in our room.

Meriwether Lewis

Notice left at Fort Clatsop

Replica of the list of names left at Fort Clatsop

4 men went over to the prarie near the coast to take a canoe which belongd to the Clotsop Indians, as we are in want of it. [They] took the canoe near the fort and concealed it, as the chief of the Clotsops is now here.

John Ordway

Two Chinook canoes

Dugout canoes and Chinook canoes on sandy river beach

The 2d Species of Seawreck which I saw on the coast to the S. S. E. near the Kil â mox nation.
it resembles a large pumpkin, it is Solid and it's Specific Gravity reather greater than the water, tho' it is Sometimes thrown out by the waves.
it is of a pale yellowish brown colour.
the rhind Smooth and consistency harder than that of the pumpkin, tho' easily cut with a knife.
there are Some fibers of a lighter colour and much harder than any other part which pass Longitudinally through the pulp or fleshey Substance which forms the interior of this marine production.

William Clark

Unidentified kelp

Seaweed with almost white tips and a flat circular base