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Drouillard trades Lewis' uniform coat and a pound and a half of tobacco for a Chinook canoe. The men exercise their vow of celibacy as an 'old baud' sets up shop outside Fort Clatsop. Lewis describes jellyfish and seaweeds.

Drewyer returned late this evening from the Cathlahmahs with our canoe which Sergt. Pryor had left some days since, and also a canoe which he had purchased from those people. for this canoe he gave my uniform laced coat and nearly half a carrot of tobacco.
we yet want another canoe, and as the Clatsops will not sell us one at a price which we can afford to give we will take one from them in lue of the six Elk which they stole from us in the winter.

Meriwether Lewis

Pirogue and Chinook canoe

Rough dugout canoe and elegant Chinook canoe side by side

we have had our perogues prepared for our departure, and shal set out as soon as the weather will permit
for this canoe he gave my uniform laced coat and nearly half a carrot of tobacco.

Meriwether Lewis

Fort Clatsop officer quarters

Red officer coat and white shirt hanging on wall

Photo taken with permission at Lewis and Clark National Historic Park, Fort Clatsop.

The pellucid jellylike substance, called the sea-nettle is found in great abundance along the strad where it has been thrown up by the waves and tide.—

Meriwether Lewis

Jellyfish, Aurelia sp.

Clear blob laying on on a beach

Photo © sami73. Permission via the Creative Commons 2.0 License.

There are two Species of the Fuci, or (Seawead) Seawreck which we also found thrown up by the waves.

Meriwether Lewis

Bull kelp, Nereocystis luetkeana

Large tangle of long-stemmed seaweed on the beach

the 1st speceis at one extremity consists of a large vesicle or hollow vessell which would contain from one to two gallons, of a conic form, the base of which forms the extreem end and is convex and globelar bearing on it's center some short broad and irregular fibers.

Meriwether Lewis

Bull kelp, Nereocystis luetkeana

Close-up of a kelp bulb with a large h