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Drouillard continues to stay with the Cathlamet as he attempts a trade for 2 canoes. At Fort Clatsop, the men tan elk skins and sew coats from blanket cloth.

two handkerchiefs would now contain all the small articles of merchandize which we possess
on this stock we have wholy to depend for the purchase of horses and such portion of our subsistence from the Indians

Meriwether Lewis

Jefferson peace medal

Front of Jefferson peace medal

the Clam of this coast are very small.    the shell consists of two valves which open with a hinge.    the shell is smooth thin of an oval form or like that of the common mussle, and sky blue colour.    it is about 1½ inches in length, and hangs in clusters to the moss of the rocks.    the natives sometimes eat them.

Meriwether Lewis

Mussel, Mytilus sp.

Dark thin bivalve shellfish

Photo ©2008 Mila Zinkova. Permission via the Creative Commons ShareAlike License 3.0.

there is also an animal which inhabits a shell perfectly circular about 3 Inches in diameter, thin and entire on the margin, convex and smooth on the upper side, plain on the under part and covered with a number minute capillary fibers by means of which it attatches itself to the sides of the rocks.    the shell is thin and consists of one valve.    a small circular apperture is formed in the center of the under shell.    the animal is soft & boneless.—

Meriwether Lewis

Sand dollar, Dendraster excentricus

Single living sand dollar

Photo ©2008 D. Gordon E. Robertson. Permission via the Creative Commons ShareAlike License.

The white Salmon Trout which we had previously seen only at the great falls of the Columbia has now made it's appearance in the creeks near this place.

Meriwether Lewis

Coho salmon, Oncorhynchus kisutch

Profile of large coho salmon

Graphic created by the U.S. Government Printing Office.

There are two Species of the Fuci, or (Seawead) Seawreck which we also found thrown up by the waves.

William Clark

Bull kelp, Nereocystis luetkeana, and feather boa kelp, Egregia menziesii

Bull kelp and a small feather boa kelp on a beach

Photo ©2009 Clayoquot. Permission via the GNU Free Documentation License.

the 1st Specie at one extremity consists of a large sesicle or hollow vessale which would contain from one to 2 gallons, of a conic form

William Clark

Bull kelp, Nereocystis luetkeana

Softball size bulb at the end of a long tube laying in the sand

the tube extends to 20 or 30 feet and is then termonated with a number of branches which are flat ½ inch in width, rough particularly on the edges, where they are furnished with a number of little oval vesicles or bags of the size of a Pigions egg.

William Clark

Bull kelp, Nereocystis luetkeana

Tangle of seaweed leaves with small bulbs