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Bratton's back is better after yesterday's treatment. The Captains describe the snow goose, a common bird in the Fort Clatsop area. The hunters continue pursuing elk with some success.

Collins returned early in the morning and informed us that he had killed three Elk about five miles distant on the edge of the prarie in Point Adams.
one of them fell in a deep pond of water and could not get it, the other two he butcherd and secured.
he saw two large herds of Elk in that quarter.
we sent Drewyer and Joseph Fields to hunt those Elk.

Meriwether Lewis

Point Adams

Large pond or small lake on a gray, stormy day

the day cold and Showery. in the evening the men returned to the fort with the meat of the Elk.—

John Ordway

Netul Landing at Fort Clatsop

Coastal marsh flooded with water

Photo taken on December 18, 2010 with permission at Lewis and Clark National Historic Park, Fort Clatsop.

The white brant is very common in this country particularly below tidewater where they remain in vast quantities during the winter. they feed like the swan gees &c on the grass roots and seeds which they find in the marshes.

Meriwether Lewis

Lesser snow goose, Chen caerulescens subsp. Caerulescens

Lesser Snow Goose: all white, medium-sized goose

Photo ©2008 Walter Sigmund. Permission via the GNU Free Documentation License.