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The elk hunters are successful and efforts begin to bring the meat to Fort Clatsop. Indians bring fish and roots, but ask for too much in trade. The Captains write about the white-tailed jackrabbit and the local rabbits.

Kus ke-lar a Clatsop man, his wife and a Small boy (a Slave, who informed me was his Cook, and offerd to Sell him to me for beeds & a gun) visited us to day
they brought Some anchovies, Sturgeon, a beaver robe, and Some roots for Sale

William Clark

Beaver hide, sturgeon, wapato, and smelt

Beaver hide, wapato, sturgeon, and smelt

It rained the greater part of last night & this day proved wet & Rainey.

Joseph Whitehouse

Netul Landing (Fort Clatsop)

Coastal river on a dark and rainy day

Photo taken with permission at Lewis and Clark National Historic Park, Fort Clatsop.

The hare on this side of the Rocky mountains is exclusively the inhabitant of the great Plains of Columbia, as they are of those of the Missouri East of these mountains. they weigh from 7 to eleven pounds.

Meriwether Lewis

White-tailed jackrabbit, Lepus townsendii

White, tan, and gray

This specimen is a display at the Upper Missouri River Breaks National Monument Interpretive Center, Fort Benton, Montana.

the rabbit are the same of our country and are found indifferently either in the praries or woodlands. they are not very abundant in this country.

Meriwether Lewis

Nuttall's cottontail, Sylvilagus nuttallii

Nuttall's Cottontail: Tan rabbit with white bushy tail

Photo by Justin Wilde, U.S. Federal Government.

The Pole-cat is also found in every part of the country.
they are very abundant on some parts of the columbia, particularly in the neighbourhood of the great falls and narrows of that river, where the[y] live in the clifts along the river and feed on the offal of the Indian fishing shores.

Meriwether Lewis

Skunk, Mephitis mephitis

Critter about the size of a large cat with black fur and long white stripes

Photo ©2007 Kevin Collins. Permission via the Creative Commons 2.0 License.