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Today is another rainy day at Fort Clatsop. The sick, except for Willard, are recovering well. Lewis writes about the bushy-tailed woodrat, and Clark, most likely copying Lewis, writes about the badger.

Collins who had hunted up the Netul on this Side returned in the evening haveing killed a buck Elk.
Willard Still Continue very unwell the other Sick men have nearly recovered. La Page complaining.

William Clark

Elk, Cervus canadensis

Large bull elk

Photo created by the U.S. National Park Service.

The rat in the Rocky mountain on it's West side are like those on the upper part of the Missouri in and near those mountains and have the distinguishing trait of possessing a tail covered with hair like other parts of the body;
one of those we caught at the White bear Islands in the beginning of July last and was then discribed.

Meriwether Lewis

Bushy-tailed woodrat (packrat), Neotoma cinerea

Bushy-tailed Woodrat: small rodent with large ears

Photo by Ken Cole, the U.S. Geological Survey.

The Braro so called by the French engages is an animal of the Civit genus and much resembles the common badger.
this is an enhabitent of the open plains of the Columbia as they are of those of the Missouri, but are Sometimes also found in the woody country.
they burrow in the hard Grounds in the Plains with Surprising ease and dexterity and will cover themselves in the Ground in a very fiew minits.

William Clark

Badger, Taxidea taxus

Large rodent with black and white stripes and a gold fur belly

Photo created by U.S. National Park Service.