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The day is so stormy that the men remain within Fort Clatsop all day. Lewis describes the raccoon and several types of squirrels that he has observed on the journey to the Pacific ocean.

It continued to rain and blow so violently that there was no movement of the party today.
Willard somewhat worse the other Invalledes on the ricovery.

Meriwether Lewis

Lewis and Clark River at Fort Clatsop

A stormy day at Netul Landing, Fort Clatsop

Photo taken with permission at Lewis and Clark National Historic Park, Fort Clatsop.

The Rackoon is found in the woody country on this coast in considerable quantities.
the natives take a few of them in snars and deadfalls; tho' appear not to vallue their skins much, and but seldom prepare them for robes.

Meriwether Lewis

Raccoon, Procyon lotor

Face of a furry critter with white and gray fur and a black stripe across the eyes

Photo ©2005 Darkone. Permission via the Creative Commons 2.5 License.

The large grey squirrel appears to be a native of a narrow tract of country on the upper side of the mountains just below the grand falls of Columbia which is pretty well covered in many parts with a species of white oak.

Meriwether Lewis

Western gray squirrel, Sciurus griseus

Gray varmin eating

Photo by Toffel who has released it to the public domain.

The small brown squirrel is a beautifull little animal about the size and form of the red squirrel of the Eastern Atlantic states and western lakes.
the tail is as long as the body and neck, formed like that of the red squirrel or somewhat flat.
the eyes black. whiskers long and black but not abundant.
the back, sides, head, neck and outer part of the legs are of a redish dark brown.
the throat, breast, belley and inner part of the legs are of a pale brick red.
the tail is a mixture of black and fox coloured red in which the black predominates in the midle and the other on the edges and extremity.

Meriwether Lewis

Douglas squirrel, Tamiasciurus douglasii

Douglas Squirrel: light brown squirrel with a reddish bushy tail

Photo © Franco Folini
Permission via the GNU Free Documentation License.

the small grey squirrel common to every part of the rocky mountain which is timbered, difirs from the dark brown squirrel just discribed only in it's colour.
it's back, sides, neck, head tail and outer side of the legs are of a brown lead coloured grey; the tail has a slight touch of the fox colour near the extremity of some of the hairs.

Meriwether Lewis

Red squirrel, Tamiasciurus hudsonicus

Long-bodied squirrel with reddish to red fur

Photo ©2007 Gilles Gonthier. Permission via the Creative Commons 2.0 License.

the ground squirrel is found in every part of the country, as well the praries as woodlands, and is one of the few animals which we have seen in every part of our voyage.

Meriwether Lewis

Townsend's chipmunk, Tamias townsendii

Townsend's Chipmunk: brown rodent with stripes running from nose to tail

Photo created by the U.S. Forest Service.