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While wintering at Fort Clatsop, Lewis treats the ill men, Bratton and Gibson, with Peruvian bark and Rush's pills. Clark describes the California condor, which two hunters brought in. Both Captains describe the local Indian dogs.

Shannon an Labiesh brought in to us to day a Buzzard or Vulture of the Columbia which they had wounded and taken alive. I believe this to be the largest Bird of North America.

William Clark

California condor, Gymnogyps californianus

California Condor: large black bird with red head

Photo created by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

no tidings yet of Sergt. Gass and party.

Meriwether Lewis

but a small quantity of snow nearly all disolved by morning with the succeeding rain.

Meriwether Lewis

North of the Salt Works

Grass and sand beach with dark clouds and a rainbow

the black bear differs not any from those common the United states and are found under the rocky Mountains in the woody country on the borders of the great plains of columbia and also in this tract of woody country which lie between these plains and the Pacific Ocean.
their oconimy and habits are also the same with those of the United States.—

Meriwether Lewis

Black bear, Ursus americanus

Black bear walking on the shore

Photo created by the U.S. National Park Service.