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Gibson is carried back to Fort Clatsop but is recovering quickly from his illness. The Captains describe Indian horses and their availability for trade. They also list the other four-footed mammals they have encountered.

3 P. M. Bratten arived from the Saltworks, and informed us that Serjt. Pryor and party were on their way with gibson in a litter.
After Dark Sergt. Pryor arrived with Gibson. we are much pleased in findeing him by no means as ill as we had expected.

William Clark

Looking back at the Salt Works

Sandy beach with seaweed and stormy clouds

the larger portion are of an uniform colour with stars snips and white feet, or in this rispect marked much like our best blooded horses in virginia, which they resemble as well in fleetness and bottom as in form and colours.

Meriwether Lewis

Appaloosa horse

Gray horse with small dark spots

some of those horses are pided [pied] with large spots of white irregularly scattered and intermixed with the black brown bey or some other dark colour

Meriwether Lewis

Appaloosa horse

White horse with large brown patches

the natives suffer them to run at large in the plains, the grass of which furnishes them with their only subsistence their masters taking no trouble to lay in a winters store for them, but they even keep fat if not much used on the dry grass of the plains during the winter.
no rain scarcely ever falls in these plains and the grass is short and but thin.

Meriwether Lewis

Horses near Travelers' Rest

Horses grazing in a large meadow

They have also a great number of mules, which among the Indians I find are much more highly prized than horses. the mules in the possession of the Indians are principally stolen from the Spaniards of Mexeco; they appear to be large and fine such as we have seen.

Meriwether Lewis


Tan mule: a small horse with big ears