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The men at Fort Clatsop continue tanning hides and sewing clothes in preparation for their trip home. Clark completes a map from St. Louis to the Pacific ocean, and the Captains consider the best route across the continent.

From the journals...

We are very uneasy with rispect to our sick men at the salt works.

Meriwether Lewis

I compleated a map of the Countrey through which we have been passing from the Mississippi at Mouth of Missouri to this place.

William Clark

Clark's map as published in 1814

A small portion of Clark's map published in 1814

Engraved by Samuel Lewis and Samuel Harrison.

Drewyer visited his traps today and caught a very fine fat beaver on which we feasted this evening.

Meriwether Lewis

American beaver, Castor canadensis

American beaver: wet beaver in shallow water

Photo released to the public domain.