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Sgt. Pryor leads a party of five to bring the sick Gibson back to Fort Clatsop. Sgt. Gass and 2 hunters spend a wet night outdoors. The Captains write about berries: Oregon grape, Pacific blackberry, and the Evergreen huckleberry.

From the journals...

sent Sergt Pryor with a party of four men to bring Gibson to the fort.
also sent Colter and Wiser to the Salt works to carry on the business with Joseph Fields

Meriwether Lewis

Tillamook Head viewed from the Salt Works

Tillamook Head, ocean, sunny day

There is a shrub…which grows near the water in somewhat moist grounds....and is covered with a number of short hooked thorns which renders it extreemly disagreeable to pass among

Meriwether Lewis

Pacific blackberry, Rubus ursinus subsp. Macropetalus

Small blooms with five white petals each

Photo ©2007 Walter Siegmund. Permission via the GNU Free Documentation License.