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Several men are engaged hunting and hauling elk meat to Fort Clatsop. The salt makers bring in a bushel of salt that they made by boiling sea water.

From the journals...

with the means we have of boiling the salt water we find it a very tedious operation…we keep the kettles boiling day and night.

Meriwether Lewis

the rain which feel in the latter part of the night freized and formed a slight incrustation on the snow

Meriwether Lewis

Salt Works

Historical re-enactor carrying two kettles of salt water on a rocky beach

Photo by the National Park Service.

About three o'clock Drewyer and La Page, returned; Drewyer had killed seven Elk in the point below us, several miles distant but can be approached with in ¾ of a mile with canoes by means of a small creek which discharges itself into the bay on this side of the Clatsop village

Meriwether Lewis

Skipannon River

Small river on a dark and stormy day