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Another cold and snowy day Fort Clatsop near Astoria, Oregon. Lewis writes about Chinook cone hats and manner of dress, and Clark describes the Bearberry. Both complain about the quality of available firewood.

Nothing transpired today worthy of notice. we are agreeably disappointed in our fuel which is altogether green pine.

Meriwether Lewis

snow feell about one inch deep

Meriwether Lewis

Officer quarters (Fort Clatsop)

Log cabin with crude table

They wear a hat of a conic figure without a brim confined on the head by means of a strig which passes under the chin and is attatched to the two opsite sides of a secondary rim within the hat. these hats are made of the bark of cedar and beargrass wrought with the finers so closely that it casts the rain most effectually…

Meriwether Lewis

Chinook conical hat

Tighly woven cone hat with a picture of a whale on it

This is a modern Makah hat from Raven's Corner Shop.

The form of knife which seems to be prefered by these people is a double edged and double pointed daggar; the handle being in the middle, and the blades of unequal lengths, the longest usually from 9 to ten inches and the shorter one from four to five. these knives they carry with them habitually and most usually in the hand, somtimes exposed but most usually particularly when in company with strangers, under their robes     with this knife they cut and lense their fish make their arrows &c.

Meriwether Lewis

Chinook double knife

Knife made from obsidean

Photo by Jim Sayce on an interpretive sign at Lewis and Clark National Historic Park, Station Camp.