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Today is cloudy and rainy at Fort Clatsop near Astoria, Oregon. The Captains describe the root of the Edible thistle, which they find sweeter than any other fruit or root eaten by the Indians.

From the journals...

Two of the hunters Shannon & Labuish returned having killed three Elk.
the indians left us about 12 O'Clk.

Meriwether Lewis

Fort Clatsop

Fort Clatsop sentry, chimney, and front gate

Photo taken with permission at Lewis and Clark National Historic Park, Fort Clatsop.

The root of the thistle, called by the natives shan-ne-tâh-que....is more shugury than any fuit or root that I have met with in uce among the natives; the sweet is precisely that of the sugar in flavor

Meriwether Lewis

Edible thistle, Cirsium edule

White, fluffy bulbs with purple streaks

Photo ©2008 Walter Sigmund Permission via the GNU Free Documentation License.