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The Captains contemplate their ample supply of dried elk and salt, and they appreciate their dry Fort Clatsop huts. They ponder the Bitterroot mountain snow that postpones their return. Chinook fishing technology is explained.

we have plenty of Elk beef for the present and a little salt, our houses dry and comfortable
we should not therefore forward ourselves on our homeward journey by reaching the rocky mountains. early than the 1st of June

Meriwether Lewis

Captain Lewis sitting by the fire at Fort Clatsop

Captain Lewis sitting by the fire at Fort Clatsop

Photo and historical interpreter provided by the Pacific Northwest Living Historians in cooperation with Lewis and Clark National Historic Park, Fort Clatsop at Wintering Over 2013.

This evening we finished curing the meat.

Meriwether Lewis

Elk jerky

Enlisted Men's quarters

the rain & Storm high winds continues as usal.

John Ordway

Fort Clatsop

Photo taken with permission at Lewis and Clark National Historic Park, Fort Clatsop.

The Clatsops Chinnooks &c. in fishing employ the common streight net, the scooping or diping net with a long handle, the gig, and the hook and line.

Meriwether Lewis

Nootka fishing with spear

Historic photo of Nootka man spear fishing

Photo by Edward S. Curtis circa 1916.

their hooks are generally of European manufactary, tho' before the whites visited them they made hooks of bone and other substances

Meriwether Lewis

Period fishing hook

Iron fish hook