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Another rainy day Fort Clatsop near Astoria, Oregon. Lewis receives his coat made of Bobcat fur. The Captains write about Chinook weapons and their hunting methods.

Had a large coat completed out of the skins of the Tiger Cat and those also of a small animal about the size of a squirrel not known to me;
these skins I procured from the Indians who had previously dressed them and formed them into robes;
it took seven of these robes to complete the coat.

Meriwether Lewis

Bobcat, Lynx rufus

Either a very large cat or a very small tiger in profile

The bow and arrow is the most common instrument among them, every man being furnished with them whether he has a gun or not;

Meriwether Lewis

no occurrence worthey of remark took place. rained hard all day.

William Clark

Chinook arrow as drawn by Clark

Arrow with a two-part shaft

we had determined to send out two hunting parties today but it rained so incessantly that we posponed it. no occurrence worthy of relation took place today.—

Meriwether Lewis

Fort Clatsop

Video taken with permission at Lewis and Clark National Historic Park, Fort Clatsop.

The implyments used by the Chinnooks Clatsops Cuth-lah-mahs &c in hunting are the gun the bow & arrow, deadfalls, pitts, snares, and spears or gigs; their guns are usually of an inferior quality being oald refuse American & brittish Musquits which have been repared for this trade. there are some very good peices among them, but they are invariably in bad order; they apear not to have been long enouh accustomed to fire arms to understand the management of them.

Meriwether Lewis

the spear or gig is used to take the sea otter, the common otter, spuck, and beaver.
their gig consists of two points or barbs and are the same in their construction as those discribed before as being common among the Indians on the upper part of this river.

Meriwether Lewis

Fishing spear points

Two spear points attached to rope

Photo courtesy of Nez Perce National Historical Park, NEPE 8774 and NEPE 8775.