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All the men that could be spared are ordered to bring in the meat of the seven elk killed by Drouillard the previous day. The Captains write about the shipping trade in the Columbia river mouth coastal region.

this evening we finished all last of our Candles,
The Traders usially arrive in this quarter, in the month of april, and remain until October;

William Clark

Tallow candle

Nearly spent creamy white candle

fortunately had taken the precaution to bring with us moulds and wick, by means of which and some Elk's tallow in our possession we do not yet consider ourselves destitute of this necessary article; the Elk we have killed have a very small portion of tallow.

Meriwether Lewis

Candle mold and tallow candles

Metal candle mold with six tapering tubes and three creamy white tallow candles

Six men Set jurking the meat to keep it from Spoiling.

John Ordway

Elk jerky

strips of dried meat on a tin plate