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Another day goes by at Fort Clatsop near Astoria, Oregon. The missing Indian canoe is given up for lost and the Captains wonder how they would exist without their best hunter, George Drouillard. Meat is more carefully rationed.

From the journals...

they returned in the evening Drewyer haveing killed 7 Elk;
I scercely know how we Should Subsist, I believe but badly if it was not for the exertions of this excellent hunter;

William Clark

Deer meat prepared for cooking

Dark red strips of raw meat

Thanks to John Toenyes and Phil Scriver, authors of Edge of Survival, for providing this photo opportunity.

we have determined to adapt a different system with our present stock of seven Elk; this is to jerk it & issue it to them in small quantities.

Meriwether Lewis

Elk jerky

Dark strips of dried elk meat on a tin plate

This meal was cooked by Jon Toenyes and Phil Scriver, authors of Edge of Survival: Lewis and Clark.

A Clear pleasant Morning.

Joseph Whitehouse

Fort Clatsop

Fort Clatsop on a sunny morning