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Clark and party travel from the Salt Works to Fort Clatsop arriving by canoe several hours after dark. Encamped outside the fort are several of Cathlamet Indians that arrived earlier in the day to trade and visit.

From the journals...

Shannon and Gass were found with the Salt makers and ordered to return McNeal was near being assassinated by a Killamuck Indian

Meriwether Lewis

I arrived at the Canoes about Sunset, the tides was Comeing in

William Clark

Boiling sea water to make salt

A kettle of sea water boiling over a fire

Historical encampment provided by the Pacific Northwest Living Historians at Lewis and Clark National Historic Park, Fort Clatsop, Saltmakers Return 2013.

A Clear pleasant day

John Ordway

Netul Landing (Fort Clatsop)

Blue sky reflected in coastal river

Photo taken with permission at Lewis and Clark National Historic Park, Fort Clatsop.

George Drewyer visited this traps in my absence and caught a Beaver & a otter; the beaver was large and fat

William Clark

Beaver, Castor canadensis

Beaver in a beaver pond

Permission via the GNU Free Documentation License.