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Clark remarks on the views of the Pacific Ocean before reaching the beached whale. The whale had already been stripped to the bone. That evening at the Tillamook village, McNeal is threatened.

if we had unfortunately made one false Stet we Should eneviateably have fallen into the Sea and dashed against the rocks in an instant

William Clark

Tillamook Head

View of Ecola from Tillamook Head on a stormy day

proceeded to the place the whale had perished, found only the Skelleton of this monster on the Sand
found the nativs busily engaged boiling the blubber, which they performed in a large Squar wooden trought by means of hot Stones;

William Clark

Blue Whale, Balaenoptera musculus

Historic photo of a 47 foot long beach blue whale

Historic photo taken August 18, 1913 near Long Beach, Washington.

the nitches and points of high land which forms this Corse for a long ways aded to the inoumerable rocks of emence Sise out at a great distance from the Shore and against which the Seas brak with great force gives this Coast a most romantic appearance.

William Clark

Ecola/Cannon Beach

View from Ecola on a stormy day

The Coast in the neighbourhood of this old village is slipping from the Sides of the high hills, in emence masses; fifty or a hundred acres at a time give way and a great proportion of an instant precipitated into the Ocean.
those hills and mountains are principally composed of a yellow Clay; their Slipping off or Spliting assunder at this time is no doubt Caused by the incessant rains which has fallen within the last two months.

William Clark

Canyon Creek

Steep hill side eroding into the ocean

the mountains Covered with a verry heavy Croth of pine & furr, also the white Cedar or arbor vita and a Small proportion of the black alder

William Clark

Tillamook Head

Coastal forest with a variety of very large trees

Some Speies of pine on the top of the Point of View rise to the emmence hight of 210 feet and from 8 to 12 feet in diameter, and are perfectly Sound and Solid.

William Clark

Sitka Spruce, Picea sitchensis

Very large old growth Sitka spruce in a coastal forest