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Sacajawea convinces Clark that she should travel with the party to see the whale on the coast. The party climbs over the hills between Fort Clatsop and the ocean and then camps on the Clatsop plain north of the Salt Works.

The last evening Shabono and his Indian woman was very impatient to be permitted to go with me, and was therefore indulged;

William Clark

Sacajawea at the Salt Works

Historical interpreter portraying Sacajawea by sitting on a buffalo robe at the beach

Photo © 2013 by Donna Shilley.

the evening a butifull Clear moon Shiney night, and he 1st fair night which we have had for 2 months

William Clark

Salt Works

A nearly full moon shining on the ocean

About 7 o'Clock the Weather cleared off, & became warm & pleasant which continued during the whole of this day.

Joseph Whitehouse

Fort Clatsop

Looking up through tall trees at blue sky

Photo taken by Jo Ann with permission at Lewis and Clark National Historic Park, Fort Clatsop.

The Clatsops, Chinnooks, Killamucks &c. are very loquacious and inquisitive; they possess good memories and have repeated to us the names capasities of the vessels &c of many traders and others who have visited the mouth of this river

Meriwether Lewis

Chinook woman

Historical photo of Chinook Woman in profile

Photo by Edward S. Curtis circa 1910.

in the Prarie we Saw a large gange of Elk feeding about 2 miles below on our direction.

William Clark

Elk, Cervus canadensis roosevelti

Large herd of elk waiting to be fed

Photo taken at Jewell Meadows Wildlife Area.

in the forks of this Creek we found Some drift pine which had been left on the Shore by the tide of which we made fires.

William Clark

Necanicum River

River entering the ocean in a wide sandy beach