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Willard and Wiser return to Fort Clatsop bringing white salt from the Salt Works near Seaside, Oregon. They report that the salt makers can produce between ¾ and 1 gallon of salt per day and that a whale beached nearby.

From the journals...

At 5 p. m. Willard and Wiser returned, they had not been lost as we expected. they brought with them a Specimen of the Salt, of about a gallon, we found it excellent white & fine, but not So Strong as the rock Salt or that made in Kentucky or the Western parts of the U, States—

William Clark

Sea salt

White chunks of salt almost as big as rock salt

they had at length established themselves on the coast about 15 Miles S. W.
they commenced the making of salt and found that they could obtain from 3 quarts to a gallon a day

Meriwether Lewis

Tillamook Head viewed from the Salt Works

Rocky beach with large head extending into the ocean on a dark and stormy day

Photo: December 19, 2010. Some modern items have been digitally obscured.