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While wintering at the mouth of the Columbia River (Fort Clatsop), Lewis and Clark write about cranes and ducks and the fur of beaver, otter, and raccoons. Lewis worries about the absence of Willard and Wiser sent earlier to the Salt Works.

The large, and small or whistling swan, sand hill Crane, large and small gees, brown and white brant, Cormorant, duckan mallard, Canvisback duck, and several other species of ducks, still remain with us...

Meriwether Lewis

Sandhill crane, Grus canadensis

Tall gray bird with long skinny legs

Photo courtesy of US Fish and Wildlife Service.

The large, & Small or whistling Swan, Sand hill crane, large & Small Gees, brown and white brant, Comorant, Duckanmallard, canvis back duck, and several other Species of Ducks Still remain with us

William Clark

Male mallard duck, Anas platyrhynchos

Duck with a shiny green head

Photo ©2004 Jonik, Permission via the GNU Free Documentation License.

the fur of both the beaver and otter in this country are extreemly good; those annamals are tolerably plenty near the sea coast, and on the small Creeks and rivers

Meriwether Lewis

River otter, Lontra canadensis

Dark fur of a river otter

the fur of both the beaver and otter as also the rackoon in this countrey are extreemly good; those animals are tolerably plenty near the Sea coast, on the Small creeks and rivers as high as the grand Rapids.—

William Clark

Raccoon, Procyon lotor

Racoon: a small furry or a large rodent along a lake shore

Photo ©2009 D. Gordon E. Robertson, Permission via the GNU Free Documentation License.