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A Clatsop chief visits Fort Clatsop, and the Captains are told that a large whale has beached to the southwest. Clark draws a picture of the chief's cone-shaped hat that sheds rain well. The fleas continue pester everyone.

The flees are So noumerous and hard to get rid of;
that the Indians have different houses which they resort to occasionally, not withstanding all their precautions they never Step into our house without leaveing Sworms of those tormenting insects;
and they torment us in Such a manner as to depreive us of half the nights Sleep frequently—

William Clark

Flea, Siphonaptera

Microscope photograph of very creepy looking bug

Photo from the Center for Disease Control.

we were informed day before yesterday that a whale had foundered on the coast to the S.W.
the greater part of the Clat Sops were gorn for the oile & blubber

William Clark

Canyon Creek

Small creek entering the ocean through the sand

all hands employed about the Pickets & gates of the fort.

Joseph Whitehouse

Fort Clatsop front gate

Picketed Fort Clatsop gate

Photo taken with permission at Lewis and Clark National Historic Park, Fort Clatsop.

this evining a young Chief 4 Men and 2 womin of the War ci a cum Nation arrived, and offered for Sale Dressed Elk Skins and Wap pa to, the Chief made us a preasent of about ½ a bushel of those roots.

William Clark

Wapato, Sagittaria latifolia, on a brain-tanned elk hide

Wapato, large potato-like bulbs, and brain-tanned elk hide