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All available men are dispatched to haul elk meat back to Fort Clatsop. On their third trip of the day, five become lost and must spend the night without fire. At the fort, Gass works to furnish and finish the Captains' quarters.

I Set out early with 16 men and 3 Canoes for the Elk, proceed up the River three miles
Serjt. Ordway Colter, Colins Whitehouse & McNeal Staid out all night without fire and in the rain—

William Clark

Roosevelt elk, Cervus elaphus subsp. Roosevelti

Bull elk in profile

Photo: December 21, 2010, at the Jewell Meadows Wildlife Area.

myself and 2 others were employed in fixing and finishing the quarters of the Commanding Officers, and 2 more perparing puncheons for covering the huts.

Patrick Gass

Fort Clatsop

Large split boards layed out to create a roof on a log cabin

Photo taken with permission at Lewis and Clark National Historic Park, Fort Clatsop.

The woods at that place and under brush lay so thick, that the Men got scatter'd & some of them were lost.— Serjeant Ordway, three of the Men & myself were among those that had lost themselves. We were obliged to stay out during the Night. It rained all that night & the wind blew very cold & being without fire, we suffered considerably both from the Rain & wind. Four of the party also got lost, but they came to the place where the party was with much difficulty after dark.—

Joseph Whitehouse

Clatsop National Forest

Brushy tangle of fir and mossy decidious trees