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Visiting Clatsop spend the night. Clark and Lewis buy lynx and Oregon bobcat furs to make coats. At winter quarters, the first line of huts is completed and a second started. They find a tree from which roof planks can be split.

we Continue to put up the Streight butifull balsom pine on our houses-and we are much pleased to find that the timber Splits most butifully and to the width of 2 feet or more.

William Clark

Grand fir, Abies grandis

Stand of Grand fir trees

Photo by Dave Powell, USDA Forest Service.

in the evining 3 Indians came in a Canoe, and offered to us for Sale roots & 2 Sea otter Skins

William Clark

We raised another line of our Huts.

Joseph Whitehouse

Fort Clatsop

Walls made of logs

Photo taken with permission at Lewis and Clark National Historic Park, Fort Clatsop.

The Clatsops leave us to day after a brackfast on Elk which they appeared to be very fond of before they left us they Sold me two robes of the Skins of a Small animal about the Size of a Cat, and to Captain Lewis 2 Cat or Loucirva Skins for the purpose of makeing a Coat.

William Clark

Oregon bobcat, Lynx rufus fasciatus

Thick fur on the belly of an Oregon bobcat

This is a display at the Upper Missouri River Breaks National Monument Interpretive Center, Fort Benton, Montana.