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After spending the night at a village near present Seaside, Oregon, Clark impresses the Clatsop by shooting several ducks with his small rifle. He then returns to the Netul River where the men have started building their winter fort.

The party that was at Camp all turned out & were employed in cutting of Pickets & carrying them to the place where our Officers intend erecting a fort.

Joseph Whitehouse


Small logs with ends cut to sharp points arranged to make a fence

Photo taken with permission at Lewis and Clark National Historic Park, Fort Clatsop.

found Capt. Lewis with all hands felling trees, to build with
Saw a bears track & the tracks of 2 Elk in the thick woods

William Clark

Bear tracks

Bear tracks on a sandy beach

Photo by Padraic Ryan. Permission via GNU Free Documentation License.

The Sea Coast is about 7 miles distant Nearly West about 5 miles of the distance through a thick wood with reveens hills and Swamps the land, rich black moald 2 miles in a open wavering Sandy prarie, ridge runing parrelal to the river, Covered with Green Grass.

William Clark

Clatsop Plains

Swamp and greenish grasses in scrub pine