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Clark continues south through the Clatsop plains to the mouth of the Necanicum River at present Seaside, Oregon. There, he spends the night at a Clatsop village. On the Netul River, work begins clearing the land to make a winter fort.

with the other 3 men I deturmined to proceed on to the Ocian, & Set out on a Westerley direction
here I found their vilg. 4 Lodges on the west bank of this little river which is here 70 yards wide

William Clark

Mouth of Necanicum River

River with sandy beach flowing into the ocean

[those houses] which were built on the S. exposur of the hill, Sunk into the ground about 4 feet the walls roof & gable ends are of Split pine boards, the dores Small with a ladder to decend to the iner part of the house

William Clark

Clallam lodge

Historic painting of the interior of a large lodge

Painting by Paul Kane based on sketches made in 1847.

the fires are 2 in the middle of the house their beads ar all around raised about 2½ feet from the bottom flore all covered with mats and under those beads was Stored their bags baskets and useless mats

William Clark

Chinook plank house

Chinook plank house with double bunks along the entire wall

Photo taken by Jo Ann Townsend at the Old Fort Stevens Historic Area in Fort Stevens State Park.

an old woman presented a bowl made of a light Coloured horn a kind of Surup made of Dried berries which is common to this Countrey which the natives Call Shele wele

William Clark

Salal, Gaultheria shallon

Delicate white and pink Salal berries

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