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Clark crosses a small range to the west of Fort Clatsop and searches for a location to make salt from ocean water. He sees large trees, bogs, ponds, and a herd of elk. Gass and 11 others canoe up the Netul River to retrieve two shot elk.

From the journals...

I took 5 men and Set out to the Sea to find a place to make Salt
the left of us Bogs & a lake or pond

William Clark

Clatsop Plains lake

Small lake or large pond in the slashy plains along the beach

proceeded on a dividing ridge through lofty piney land much falling timber.

William Clark

Coastal forest

Large trees and ferns on the top of a hill

I prosue'd this gang of Elk through bogs which the wate of a man would Shake for 1/2 Acre, and maney places I Sunk into the mud and water up to my hips without finding any bottom on the trale of those Elk.

William Clark

Roosevelt elk, Cervus elaphus subsp. Roosevelt

Herd of elk along the seashore

Photo by unknown person. Permission via GNU Free Documentation License.